Customer Use Cases:

Standards Bodies:

BIM Standards Bodies

Plannerly accelerated our standards creation and virtually eliminated the burden to get updates to end users.


President, USIBD

Standards bodies love Plannerly because the platform connects standards committees directly with their end users. The standards teams love this approach because they can work together more quickly, more efficiently and produce better outputs. The end users love this because they have instant access to the approved standard and can provide almost real-time feedback to those managing it.

Owners / Appointing Parties:

Owners love Plannerly because the platform allows them to manage their BIM standards in one central location. All teams on all projects can access the latest owner requirements at all times.


Owners Appointing BIM Party

Architects love Plannerly because it helps them agree on what is included in (and excluded from!) the BIM scope. Clear scopes lower the architect’s risk (by protecting them from signing up for too much BIM) and makes sure that all changes in scope do not affect profits and can be paid for.


Engineers love Plannerly because the platform allows them to contract for the exact scope THEY need and also sequence their work to start at the right time in order to follow a clash avoidance workflow and avoid rework.

Owners Appointing BIM Party


BIM Standards Bodies

Contractors love Plannerly because it helps them manage cross-company challenges when it comes to BIM Execution Planning and contracting. Teams easily agree on what is included and when it will be delivered. Sequencing the agreed modeling scope helps the right team start at the right time and promotes a lean clash avoidance workflow which in turn significantly reduces the contractors risk in the field.

BIM Consultants:

BIM Consultants love Plannerly because it cuts huge amounts of administration work from the BIM Management workflow. BIM Consultants get projects kicked off with a professional branded experience and can generate agreements and contracts in minutes.

Owners Appointing BIM Party


BIM Standards Bodies

Educators love Plannerly because the platform streamlines the teaching of BIM workflows on BIM Management programs. Plannerly provides the latest industry BIM standards and templates so that universities can concentrate on the teaching.

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