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“What if we could easily, beautifully, and collaboratively plan, manage and verify project deliverables?”

This is the question that drives how we craft Plannerly everyday.

Our goal is to eliminate the fragmentation and frustration between design, build, and operations stakeholders.

The Plannerly BIM Management Platform is helping teams improve communication and remove waste.

We believe that with SmartLeanBIM® we can eliminate “Evil BIM”.

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Plannerly Offices and BIM Management Partner Locations

Users in over 100 countries

Trusted by the most innovative companies

Taught on some of the most advanced BIM programs

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SmartLeanBIM™ Partners:

BIM Consultants + Resellers

BIM Consultants and Resellers

Are you a strategically located BIM team looking for a high-value relationship to gain SmartLeanBIM™ certification and promote Plannerly?

BIM Education Programs

Free BIM Education Programs

Are you an education institution with a BIM curriculum? If so, please register here and we’ll get you set up with a Free Education Workspace!

Tech + Strategic Partners

BIM Standards Bodies and BIM Technology Companies

If you are a technology company or standards team looking to work together towards common goals to help our industry please get in touch:


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Come join us – we’re hiring!

Ready to improve the BIM world?

Do you see yourself helping others gain efficiencies by implementing and improving The BIM Management Platform?

Where would you like to start?

Plan BIM


Scope BIM MIDP for BIM Projects


Scope BIM MIDP for BIM Projects


Scope BIM MIDP for BIM Projects


Scope BIM MIDP for BIM Projects


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