ISO 19650 PDF WORKFLOW (FREE download):

Above you will find a link to a simple ISO 19650 PDFย workflow diagram that explains the โ€œactorsโ€ (like the client, architect and contractor), the steps (like tender and appointment) and documents (like the AIR โ€“ Asset Information Requirements, EIR โ€“ Exchange Information Requirements, and BEP โ€“ BIM Execution Plan) involved to support information management in accordance with ISO 19650.

The ISO 19650 workflow includes these 8 steps:

  1. Assessment and Need
  2. Invitation to Tender
  3. Tender Response
  4. Appointment
  5. Mobilization
  6. Collaborative Information Production
  7. Information Model Delivery
  8. and Project Close-out

For each step certain documents are required (as shown in the diagram).

Inside the Plannerly App you will find simple templates for each supporting document required in order to be ISO 19650 compliant.ย 

Click the button below to learn more about how to access the ISO 19650 Templates or scroll down to find more detailed images describing this important Information Management workflow.

high resolution ISO 19650 WORKFLOW image (png):

High resolution ISO 19650 workflow images for each step FROM above:

Below you can download individual images for each step in the workflow diagram โ€“ these might be useful if you are building presentations to explain the ISO 19650 workflow in simple steps to others in your organization.

We also urge you to purchase the ISO standards, read the UK BIM Framework guidance and watch the ISO 19650 video explanations here: WATCH ISO 19650 VIDEO EXPLANATIONS

Learn more about the ISO 19650 standards here in theย ISO 19650 intro webinars:

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